PVC Painted Wire Fence

Wire mesh fence is very affordable and inexpensive that is why we see most homes using wire fencing for their walls and also very durable and easy to make and fix on fences.

PVC Coated Wire Fence

Wire mesh fence is one of the most important ways to keep your home safe and secured from all forms of attacks by armed robbers and so on.

Galvanized 3D Fence

The fence panel is welded with high quality low carbon steel wire, surface treated by electrostatic powder spray coating over galvanized materials or with HDG, with 15 years lifetime guarantee.

3D Welded Wire Fence

Nylofor 3D fence usually used as home garden fencing, high way and rail way guarding fencing, airport and residential decoration fencing, etc.

2D Double Mesh Fence

The double wire panels are extremely strong and durable which is achieved by the useof double horizontal wires.

Airport Fence

Welded wire mesh airport fence, this kind of fence is made by low carbon steel welded mesh panel, steel posts, barbed wire or razor wire and other accessories.

Clear View Fence

Clear View Fencingis a type of security welded wire mesh fence barrier designed to bring maximum perimeter protection and excellent visibility through the mesh.

358 anti climb security fence

358 anti climb security fence is widely used in fencing systems designed which is maximize to security a site with out impeding visibility.

Security Steel Fence

Security steel fence is very popular in Industrial, Commercial and high-density areas. Powder coated security diplomat fence and heavy duty security gates are far more attractive and pleasing to the eye than conventional chain wire fencing.

High Security Fence

358 Security Fence is a professional structure designed for high security environments, combined with an steel framework, coated with heavily zinc or RAL color Powder coating.